Magellan Card

  • Magellan Card is the only international online payment platform based on Iranian Currency (IRR) and aims to facilitate money transactions for tourists and people who need to use their international Banking Cards (Debit or Credit) in Iran. Magellan Card is the first prepaid credit card (Rial) which is issued officially by a well-known Bank in Iran (Tejarat Bank) and it can be rechargeable directly by International banking cards (MasterCard , Visa ) in our website completely online within seconds.

  • Our exchange ratesare very close to the rates offered by leading currency authorities in Iran. The main reference of the exchange rate is SANA weighted average rate which belongs to Central bank of Iran. By finding the Bank website through a simple search, making an account and registering your card, you can see your balance and all transactions. Also by installing the Bank App, all your transactions and activates will be accessible easily on your smartphone.

  • With Magellan Card, you receive IRR in your account less than the 40s after topping up the card. you can pay all services you need while staying in Iran Via this card and have online purchases easily. when you are leaving the country, get the money back (convert it to your currency) if you have any balance left on your card. You can use your card everywhere in shops, POS systems, ATMs and all devices are used for payments in Iran.

  • To get a Magellan Card you only need to pay a 10 Euro fee once and having the Magellan card for about one year. More, there will be only 3% charge on each transaction as a transaction fee. The total fee includes card issuance, delivery (if applicable), transaction fee and that is all! By having Magellan card and topping it up in just a few seconds, you will be free of bringing Cash money to Iran.

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